Summer solstice 2022: the longest day of the year — what to know

What is the summer season solstice?

The June summer solstice marks the reputable starting of summer season within the Northern Hemisphere.

During the June solstice, the sun travels along its northernmost path within the sky for the northern 1/2 of the globe, which ends in the longest day and shortest night of the calendar year. 

Summer solstice significance

The June solstice marks the professional starting of summer time in the Northern Hemisphere. As the Farmer’s Almanac explains, it takes place while Earth arrives at the point in its orbit wherein the North Pole is at its most tilt — approximately 23.5 levels — toward the sun.
This outcomes inside the longest "day," meaning the longest length of daylight.
The word "solstice" comes from the Latin phrase "solstitium" — and from "sol" (Sun) and "stitium" (still or stopped), in line with the periodical. The solar doesn’t upward push and set on the equal places at the horizon each day due to Earth’s tilted axis. Its rise and set positions move northward or southward inside the sky as our planet travels across the sun at some point of the year. 
"The June solstice is widespread because the Sun reaches its northernmost factor in the sky at this time, at which factor the Sun’s direction does now not exchange for a quick period of time," the Farmer’s Almanac explains.

What time is the summer time solstice 2022?

The June solstice takes place on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at 5:14 a.M. EDT, in keeping with the Farmer’s Almanac.
In the Southern Hemisphere, the June solstice marks the beginning of wintry weather.
The June solstice doesn’t constantly arise on the identical day — presently transferring among June 20, 21, and 22. Its timing is based on when the solar reaches its northernmost factor from the celestial equator. 

Is the summer solstice the primary day of summer?

Technically, there are  begins to summer time: meteorological and astronomical. 
Most meteorologists divide the 12 months into 4 seasons based on the months and the temperature cycle, with summer time starting on June 1 and finishing on August 31, the Farmer’s Almanac explains.
But astronomically, the first day of summer is taken into consideration to be while the solar reaches its maximum point in the sky in the course of the summer solstice (June 20–22). 
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